DECEMBER 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Farm Bureau Forage Commodity Conference

- AFGC will hold its Annual Meeting this January in Kentucky

- Forages at KCA

- Kentucky Small Ruminant Grazing Conference

- Heart of America Grazing Conference

- Choose Forage Varieties Wisely

- Hay Testing - A Wise Investment

- Energy-Crop Calculator Available Online

- Strong Hay Prices through Winter Maybe Longer

- Dairy Herd Expansion Unlikely in 2013

- What is Really Important?


NOVEMBER 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Kentucky Grazing Conference

- KFGC Presents Awards

- Alfalfa Intensive Training Seminar

- Kentuckian Featured at National Hay Convention

- AFGC Conference in Covington

- Kentucky's 2012 National Forage Spokesman to speak at Farm Bureau Forage Commodity Conference

- Dr. Peter Ballerstedt to Speak at Forages at KCA During the KCA Convention

- Neutral Detergent Fiber Digestibility (NDFD):  A Good Predictor of Forage Quality

- Where Does Nitrogen Fertilizer Come From?

- The Cost of Pasture vs. Hay


OCTOBER 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- 13th Kentucky Grazing Conference

- AFGC Returns to Kentucky - Register Soon

- 33rd Kentucky Alfalfa Conference

- Heart of America Grazing Conference

- Hay Testing - A Wise Investment

- UK Beef Cow Forage Supplement Tool - A Web Based APP

- KFGC Field Day

- Kentucky Grazing School

- Bale Weight, Nutrient Removal, and Feed Value of Hay:  An On-Farm Perspective

- Beware of Cyanide (Prussic Acid) Poisoning

- Nitrate Rumors can Kill Cattle


SEPTEMBER 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- KFGC Forage Field Day

- Kentucky Grazing School

- Beef Bash 2012

- National Hay Association to Feature Kentucky Speakers

- 13th Kentucky Grazing Conference

- Partridge Pea or Chamaecrista fasciculate (Michx.) Greene

- Forage Brassica Crops in Grazing Systems

- Darkling/Mealworm Beetles can cause "Blister Beetle Scare"


AUGUST 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- KFGC Field Day - Hart County - September 6

- Drought and Forages

- Choose the Best Variety for Fall Plantings

- Plan to Attend the AFGC Meeting in Covington, KY - Jan. 7-9, 2013

- High Nitrates Especially in Drought Stressed Corn

- Biofuels will Continue to Drive Feed Prices

- Mother Nature Throws a Wrench into 2012


JULY 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Drought and Forages

- Kentucky Hay Grower Wins National Hay Awards

- KFGC Field Day to be in Hart County

- Native Warm-Season Grasses In-Service Training

- AFGC National Tour

- If Baling Hay Wet, Watch for Fires

- Custom Grazing of Stocker Cattle

- AFGC 2013 Annual Conference

- AFGC 2013 National Competitions

- Reducing Energy Use in Production Agriculture

- Ohio State Alfalfa Enterprise Budgets Online

- The Diverse Structure and Organization of U.S. Beef Cow-Calf Farms


JUNE 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Advanced Grazing School

- Measuring the Moisture Content of Forage Using a Microwave Oven

- Thin Alfalfa Plantings:  Deciding when to give up

- AFGC Forage Tour

- Kentucky Beef Cattle Market Update

- Thought for the Day


MAY 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- 4th Annual Equine Farm & Facilities Expo

- Grazing School

- In Search of 300-Day Grazing

- Farmland Prices Expected to Keep Rising

- Record Prices, Low Numbers:  Where Are We?

- Harvesting Summer Annual Grasses for Hay


APRIL 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Kentucky Grazing School Just Days Away

- Grazing School Graduate Featured on U.K. YouTube

- Kentucky Forages on YouTube

- Kentucky Grazing Conference

- Kentucky Alfalfa Conference

- Master Grazer Website

- Advanced Grazing School

- Grazing for Profit with Sheep

- Expect Early Alfalfa Weevil Feeding

- New Economics Favor Better Forage Management.  Is it a New Age for Forage?

- 10 Herbicide Application Mistakes

- Evaluation of Maturity of Switchgrass Hay for Feeding Beef Steers in Kentucky

- Is Cheap Seed Really a Good Buy?


MARCH 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Kentucky Alfalfa Conference

- Kentucky Alfalfa Awards

- Alfalfa Hay Awards

- Kentucky Grazing School

- Cool Season Grass Workshop May 16th

- Attend the AFGC Summer Tour - May 17-18

- Saturated Fat and Cholesterol:  Health Hazards or Vital Nutrients?

- Hay Contest Rules and Information

- The Relationship of Yield and Digestibility in Commonly Used Summer Annual Grasses

- Determining the Effect of Mowing Height and Fertility on Orchardgrass Yield and Persistence

- Extension's Response to the Fescue Endophyte Problem


FEBRUARY 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Alfalfa Conference Just Days Away

- Kentucky Producer Wins National Forage Spokesman Contest

- KFGC Members Win Awards at the AFGC Meeting in Louisville

- Heart of America Grazing Conference

- Kentucky Grazing Schools

- Growers Like RR Alfalfa, Survey Shows

- Input Calculator Available for Alfalfa Growers

- Kentucky Beef Cattle Market Update


JANUARY 2012 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Happy New Year

- KFGC Needs You!

- Kentucky Agricultural Economy

- Corn Belt Farmland Prices Hit Record Levels

- 2010 KFBM Dairy Enterprise Results

- Pennington Seeds to Expand Forage Program in Kentucky