DECEMBER 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Thank You Kentucky Farmers

- Forages at KCA

- Forage Variety Reports Now Available

- Southern Forages Translated Into Spanish

- Small Ruminant Grazing Conference to be held in Lexington on February 1, 2014

- AFGC Annual Conference - Memphis, TN

- 34th Kentucky Alfalfa Conference

- Updated Analysis on Fungicides and Alfalfa


NOVEMBER 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Jimmy Ray May, Sr. 1943-2013

- KFGC Awards

- 2013 KFGC Forage Spokesperson Contest

- Small Ruminant Grazing Conference to be held in Lexington on February 1, 2014

- Grass - A Pandrama in Words

- Grass-based Health

- Timing of Grazing Effects on Pasture Productivity

- Hay Bale Fires Still a Threat

- Minnesota Dairy Named Forage Superbowl Grand Champ


OCTOBER 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- 14th Kentucky Grazing Conference - October 10

- Kentuckians attend IGC

- Clayton Geralds elected to National Hay Association Board

- NAFA's 2013 Alfalfa Intensive Training Seminar (AITS) - Register Today!

- Prussic Acid Poisoning and Frost

- AFGC to meet in Memphis

- New Research Leader, Forage-Animal Production Research Unit, Lexington, Kentucky Announced

- NRCS Technical Service Provider Program

- Historic Agricultural Data Now Online

- Mobile App Translates Per-Bale to Per-Ton Price


SEPTEMBER 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- KFGC Field Day

- Choose Forage Varieties Wisely

- Orchardgrass Publication

- 14th Kentucky Grazing Conference

- Nutrient Removal and Tissue Testing Alfalfa

- Kentucky Grazing School

- Expect Tight Forage Seed Supplies this Fall

- Ergot in Pastures


AUGUST 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- UK College of Agriculture Name Change

- Time to Begin Stockpiling

- Late Summer Seeding Time is Upon Us

- The Economic Impact of Agriculture on the State

- As by the Numbers

- Enduring Lessons

- Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) Managed Harvest

- Effect of Wide Swath vs. Narrow Swath Drying Rate

- UK Forage Workers:  Photo Highlights


JULY 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Russell Hackley Recognized

- 34th Kentucky Alfalfa Conference to be in Bowling Green

- Survey Shows Slight Increase in Hay Acres

- Hay Moisture:  How Dry is Dry Enough?

- Kentucky Forage Field Day in Oldham County

- Sabbatical for Ray Smith

- Make Your Hayfield a Safe Place to Work

- Prepare for Late Summer - Fall Seedings

- What is Sustainability Anyway?

- Kenaf as a Forage Crop

- Don't Lose Hay Yields to Wheel Traffic


JUNE 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Advanced Kentucky Grazing School - June 18

- Forage-Fed Bulls Pass the Test at Edisto Research Sale

- Summary of Agricultural Land Prices, Supply, Demand, and Current Trends

- Alfalfa-Corn Rotation Increases Yield, Reduces Nitrogen Fertilizer Needs

- Spring Breeding on Fescue Pastures

- Land Rental Rates, Impact on Alfalfa


MAY 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Advanced Kentucky Grazing School - June 18

- Kelly Kramer Accepts University of Kentucky Master Grazer Coordinator Position

- USDA Releases Corn Planting Intentions - US Up Slightly, Kentucky Down 50,000 Acres

- Hay Acres to Rise Slightly

- Increase Pasture Carrying Capacity Using Cross Fences

- Foliar Fungicides on Alfalfa

- Miracle Products and Foo Foo Dust

- Ohio Crop Budgets Available for Forage Growers


APRIL 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Kentucky Grazing School

- Sclerotinia Crown and Stem Rot of Alfalfa

- Our Experience with Roundup Ready Alfalfa

- Forage Crops for the 21st Century

- Fertilizer:  How Much is in Each Bale?

- Impact of the Arkansas 300-Day Grazing Program

- Advanced Grazing School


MARCH 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Kentucky Grazing School

- 33rd Kentucky Alfalfa Conference

- Kentucky Alfalfa Awards

- Kentucky Alfalfa Hay Awards

- Heart of America Grazing Conference

- Can Pregnant Mares Graze Pastures Containing Tall Fescue:  Practice Assessment Methods

- Intake and Digestibility by Beef Steers for Switchgrass Hay Harvested at Three Different Maturities

- Post-Graze Recovery of Blood Circulation in Steers Exhibiting Fescue Toxicosis as Influenced by Seed Head Suppression

- Performance for Steers Grazing NWSG in Tennessee

- Managing Roundup Ready Alfalfa:  Weed Control

- Forage Yield and Quality Differences Among Cool-Season Grasses

- January 1 Cattle Inventory Down 2 Percent


FEBRUARY 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- 33rd Kentucky Alfalfa Conference

- Hay Contest Added at Alfalfa Conference

- Choose Clover Varieties Carefully

- Kentucky and Kentuckians Win at National Forage Conference

- Heart of America Grazing Conference

- Fertilizer:  How much is in each Bale?

- Alfalfa Included in Wisconsin Crop Budget Cost Calculator

- Co-Grazing Beef Cattle and Goats in Kentucky

- U.S. Hay Cupboards Nearly Bare, Says USDA

- Comparison of Ergovaline Concentration in BarOptima Plus E34 Tall Fescue and Control Varieties

- Beware of Emotional Decisions


JANUARY 2013 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Dr. Jimmy Henning to Open AFGC Conference

- Forages at KCA

- Heart of America Grazing Conference

- 2012 U.K. Forage Variety Results

- Missouri Farmers Fright Rise in Hay Thefts

- "Beef:  The Real Health Food"

- More VALUE from Pastures in 2013

- Renovation:  More Important in 2013

- Perennial Forages Benefit Soils, Other Crops, and Water Quality in Important Ways

- JBS to Beef up Production from Grass-fed Brazil Herd