DECEMBER 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- New Seed Coating for Alfalfa

- Forage News Quote of the Month

- *New for Forage News* - Featured Publication:  Managing Diseases of Alfalfa

- Successful International Grassland Congress

- Tall Fescue in the 21st Century is the Focus for the 2016 Virginia Winter Forage Conferences

- Heart of America Registration Open

- UK Ag Equine Programs to Host Equine Showcase, Breeder's Short Course

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Registration Form


NOVEMBER 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Debby Dulworth as Keynote Speaker on Extending the Grazing Season at Heart of America Grazing Conference

- Study Shows No Damage to Soils from Grazing of Cover Crops

- Forage News Quote of the Month

- Get the Most out of Grazing Corn Stalks

- 2016 Kentucky Small Ruminant Grazing Conference schedule announced

- Muhlenberg County Producer and Ag Teacher to Represent Kentucky at AFGC

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Registration Open

- AGFC Annual Meeting Agenda Available


OCTOBER 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Research Accomplishments for the Forage-Animal Production Research Unit

- Frost and Freezes Increase Cyanide Poisoning Risk

- Forage News Quote of the Month

- New Master Grazer Coordinator:  Austin Sexton

- Could Plant Secondary Metabolites Boost Performance?

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Agenda Announced

- Sulfur and Crop Growth

- Kentucky Forage and Grassland Council Announces 2015 Award Winners


SEPTEMBER 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Plan to attend KFGC Field Day - September 17, 2015

- Planning for 2016 Heart of America Grazing Conference

- Forage Advice from our Extension Dean

- Managing Cereal Rye and Annual Ryegrass

- Bermudagrass Stem Maggot

- Silage from Flooded Corn

- Enter the SE Hay Contest for Major Prizes

- Persistence an important part of Alfalfa Cutting Equation


AUGUST 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Diseases of Orchardgrass - Use good Management

- Summary of 2015 Stockpiling Fescue Demonstrations

- Advanced Grazing School August 17th in Lexington, KY

- Increasing Cool Season Pasture Production in the Spring Utilizing Plant Growth Hormones

- AFGC and UK hold first Warm Season Grass Workshop


JULY 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- UK Forage Website now has over 100,000 Hits!

- 2015 KFGC Field Day to be held in Christian County

- Advanced Grazing School scheduled for August 17th in Lexington, KY

- Alfalfa Seed in Short Supply

- Supplementation with Soybean Hulls to Boost Stocker Weight Gain on Toxic Tall Fescue Pastures

- 2016 AFGC Conference Information

- Calibration of No-Till Drills

- AGFC 2016 Annual Conference Call for Presentations

- Junior Forager Spotlight:  Jake Tower 2015 Essay Winner

- AFGC and UK to hold first Warm Season Grass Professional Workshop

- National Forage Week was a Success


JUNE 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- National Forage Week

- Stewardship with Herbicides

- Set Disc Mowers High to Prolong Grass Hay Stands

- Warm Season Grass Professional Workshop

- Updated Compendium of Alfalfa Diseases and Pests now Available

- UK Ag Weather


MAY 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Issues with Wet Baleage

- Time to Cut Hay

- New Forage Options from the Noble Foundation

- Fear of Bloat Costs More than Bloat Itself

- Be an Advocate for Cooperative Extension in KY

- New Method to Determine Harvest Hay Harvest Date

- Using Electric Fence to Improve Pastures

- Grazing News:  Warm Season Grazing

- Soybean Hulls to Reduce Fescue Toxicity


APRIL 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Farewell to Garry Lacefield

- Silvopasture

- High Traffic Area Pads

- What if you could watch plants grow in minutes?

- National Forage Spokesperson Winner Now Online

- Rotational Grazing

- Grazing News



MARCH 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- 35th Kentucky Alfalfa Conference

- Alfalfa Awards Presented at Conference

- Alfalfa Hay Awards

- Garry Lacefield's Retirement Celebration with Pictures

- Old Files

- Garry D. Lacefield Quote


FEBRUARY 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- 35th Anniversary Kentucky Alfalfa Conference

- Forages at KCA

- Upcoming KFGC Board Meeting and Garry's Retirement

- Kentucky Well Represented at AFGC Meetings

- National Forage & Grassland Foundation

- Kentucky Beef Cattle Market Update

- Are there Differences in Roundup Ready Alfalfa Varieties?

- Choose Clover Varieties Wisely

- Value of Legumes in Pastures


JANUARY 2015 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Forages at KCA

- 2015 Kentucky Small Ruminant Grazing Conference

- 35th Kentucky Alfalfa Conference

- 2014 Kentucky Review

- US Red Meat & Poultry Consumption

- Alfalfa Seed Supply Adequate for 2015

- Eight New Alfalfas are Approved by Variety Board