DECEMBER 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Register Now for Grazing Conference

- Forage Spokesman Contest and KFGC Award Nominations

- PFGC Celebrates 50th Anniversary

- Forage Variety Test Reports

- Feed Costs and Meat Production

- Corn Nitrogen Fertilizer Replacement Value of Alfalfa in Northern Illinois

- Comparison of Seeding Rates and Coating on Seedling Count, Root Length, Root Weight and Shoot Weight of Crimson Clover

- Effect of Macronutrient Deficiency on the Antioxidant Capacity of Lespedeza Cuneata (cv. Au Grazer) and Lotus Corniculatus (cv. Pardee)


NOVEMBER 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Dr. Norman Taylor 1926-2010

- Registration Now Open for Grazing Conference

- Forage Spokesman Contest and KFGC Award Nominations - Deadline Dec. 3

- Effects of Ergot-Endophyte-Infected Fescue Seed on Physiological Parameters in Mature Female Meat Goats

- Chaparral® Herbicide Application for Suppression of Seedhead Emergence in Tall Fescue Pastures and Possible Alleviation of Fescue Toxicosis

- Science Shows Beef Production is Earth Friendly

- Use of Novel Endophyte Fescue for Cows

- Evaluation of Annual Ryegrass (Lolium Multiflorum) in Two Fall Grazing Systems on Forage Quality and Stock Calf Performance in Northern Minnesota

- Using Mature Hay for Bedding:  Potential for Tall Fescue Toxicity


OCTOBER 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Grazing Conference Returning to Kentucky

- KFGC Update

- Pennsylvania to Celebrate Forage Anniversary

- A Novel Endophyte Tall Fescue has been Developed by the University of Kentucky for the Upper Fescue Belt

- Benefits of Rotational Grazing

- Cultivar Preference of Lambs Grazing Forage Chicory in Ohio

- Effects of a Freeze on Forages

- Nitrate Poisoning:  A Concern with Dry Weather


SEPTEMBER 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Lexington Welcomes National Hay Association

- Barren County to Host State Forage Field Day

- Know Your Hay Quality

- Mob Grazing or Ultra High Density Stocking

- New Items on Forage Website

- Grazing Graduates

- Who says "Cats" can't Attend U.K. Grazing School

- It's not too late for N on Grasses

- Choose the Best Forage Variety for Fall Planting

- Potential for High Nitrates


AUGUST 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- KFGC Field Day

- Beef Bash 2010

- Grazing Sudangrass, Pearl Millet, and Sorghum Hybrids

- Intake and Digestibility of Improved Selections of Tall Fescue and Orchardgrass Hays

- Ag Groups Applaud Supreme Court Ruling on Biotech Alfalfa

- The Potential of Biofuels in Kentucky

- Calibrating your Forage Seeder Can Save Big Money when Summer Seeding


JULY 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Kentucky Wins Awards at Recent American Forage & Grassland Council Annual Meeting

- Kentucky Host International Meeting

- Dr. Smith Becomes Professor Smith

- Tom Keene Re-elected to Forage Foundation Executive Committee

- Getting through the Summer Slump

- National Hay Association Convention

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Coming to Kentucky

- Clover Coming up in Alfalfa Fields

- Selecting Summer Annual Forage Grasses

- Abundance of Clover in 2010

- Heat Damage to Moist Hay

- The Economics of Grazing, Organic, and Confinement Dairy Farms


JUNE 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- KFGC Update

- U.S. Supreme Court Reviews Ban on Roundup Ready® Alfalfa

- Increase Pasture Profits Using Cross Fences

- Plant Growth Regulator to Increase Pasture Growth

- Alfalfa Cutting Height to Maximize Forage Yield and Quality

- Traditional Ecosystem Services of Forage and Grazing Lands

- Performance and Profitability of Stocker Cattle Grazing KY 31, Jesup MaxQ & Winter Annual Pastures

- Forage Quality of Jesup MaxQ Tall Fescue


MAY 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Kentucky Grazing School

- Barren County to Host KFGC Field Day

- National and International Meeting Coming to Kentucky

- Forage Quality, Ethanol Production Studied

- Teff Grass

- Pennsylvania Forage and Grassland Council Celebrating 50th Birthday

- Spontaneous Combustion in Hay

- Change in Yield and Quality of Alfalfa

- Hay Inoculants and Preservatives


APRIL 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- 31st Kentucky Alfalfa Conference Date Set

- 30th Alfalfa Conference Proceedings and Photos

- Warm Season Grass Variety Reports

- WEG Forage Supplies

- Kentucky Grazing School April 14-15

- Windrow Spacing and Conditioners Aid in Curing Process

- Preseason Hay Equipment Maintenance

- Overview of BMR Sudangrasses and Sorghums

- Switchgrass Moved by Barge to Power Plant


MARCH 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Kentucky Alfalfa Conference Reflections After 30 Years

- Kentucky Alfalfa Awards

- Hay Winners

- UK Grazing Alfalfa DVD on YouTube

- Kentucky Grazing School April 14-15

- USDA Issues Final Rule on Organic Access to Pasture

- UK Forage Variety Test Available

- Points to Ponder


FEBRUARY 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Roundup Ready Alfalfa:  Comment Period Deadline February 16, 2010

- 30th Anniversary Kentucky Alfalfa Conference

- Plan Now to Attend AGA Annual Conference, Feb. 4-7, Lexington

- Does Amount of "Hard" Alfalfa Seed Really Matter?

- What's Eating your Orchardgrass

- Forages at KCA

- Heart of America Grazing Conference

- Hay and Horses

- Grazing 101:  Enroll in 2010 Kentucky Grazing School

- Clovers in Kentucky

- Commercial Hay Dryer Made in Kentucky


JANUARY 2010 (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Forages at KCA

- Heart of America Grazing Conference

- 30th Anniversary Alfalfa Conference

- Tall Fescue for the Twenty-First Century

- Grazing Conference Photos

- Hay Testing

- Growing Alfalfa in the South

- New Forage Variety Test Reports

- American Grassfed Association Coming Back to Lexington

- Consider Joining KFGC in 2010

- Comment Period on RR Alfalfa - December 18, 2009 - February 16, 2010