annual lespedeza

Korean lespedezas have leaves mainly at the top of the plant. The leaves are short, broad, and lobe shaped and are typically indented at the end.

annual lespedeza

Kobe lespedezas maintain leaves along the whole length of the stem. Both Kobe and Striate types have leaflets that are long, narrow, and football shaped.


Fine-stemmed, leafy, annual legume with shallow taproots. Tolerant of low fertility and acidic soils. Grows 1 to 2 feet tall. Annual lespedeza leaves are a pale green color with light-colored, easily visible veins. Flowers and sets seed in late summer and early fall. Prolific seed producer. Kobe and Korean are examples of annual lespedeza.


Hay, pasture.


Productive during summer months. Tolerates soil acidity and low fertility. Naturally reseeds itself. Fine stemmed and nonbloating.


Short growing season. Low quality after frost or if it matures. Low yielding. Must set seed each year to persist. May fail to reseed if overgrazed, autumns are dry, or early frost occurs.


Rate: 20-30 lb/a
Depth: ¼-½ in
Date: Feb 15-Apr 15


First harvest: Jul 15-Aug 15
Annual yield: 1-3 tons dry matter/a