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Soils and Fertility

Soils and Fertility

Soils and Fertility


The Soil is Alive!

Building Strong Nutrient Cycles in Kentucky's Pastures

Putting the Pieces Together: Using Cattle to Build Soils for Crops

Soil Fertility and Grazing Management as Part of an Integrated Weed Control Program-Chris Teutsch


Don't Trip on Triple-19

There are wrong ways to do right things. Repeated use of products like triple-10 (10-10-10) or triple-19 (19-19-19) on hay fields can ultimately make that field unresponsive to the fertilizer that is applied. Don’t get me wrong, fertilizing is a ‘right’ thing. People that fertilize their pasture and hay fields have a special place in my heart. But here is why triple-19 can trip you up.

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Fertiligy Recommendations for Pastures and Hay

Top production from hay and pasture fields can best be obtained if soil test levels are in the range of 50 to 60 P and 270 to 300 K and are maintained at those levels. Strive to maintain a pH of 6.4 for mixed grass-legume pastures and a pH of 6.8 for alfalfa and alfalfa-grass. Alfalfa fields might also require added boron (B) for maximum production.

Refer to "Lime and Fertilizer Recommendations" (AGR-1) for complete fertilizer recommendations.

Don't Let Potash Limit Your Forages

soil probePotassium can be a neglected nutrient in forages, especially hayfields. Potassium is needed for many essential plant processes including stomatal opening and closing (regulates water status of plant), winter hardiness, and resistance to plant disease and stress. Fall is a great time to sample pasture and hayfields and apply needed fertilizer such as potash (K2O).

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Lime Recommendations Calculator

In cooperation with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture overseeing the state lime law, we sample and test agricultural lime throughout the state. The reports include test results used to provide recommendations on lime application rates.

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