Baleage Basics

Baleage is making silage in bales of wilted forage and wrapped in plastic. Conserving some of your forage this year as baleage can help stretch your hay supply and save on supplement costs.

Making baleage is a fairly simple process. It requires rakes and balers that can handle a heavy crop as well as access to a hay wrapper. A conditioning mower is less necessary with baleage than hay because stems are not completely dry with baleage..................READ ARTICLE in the JULY 2018 KY FORAGE NEWS

Managing Windrow Disease in Alfalfa

Rained-on hay plagues all of us eventually. This year maybe more than usual. The 'windrow disease' that often follows presents lingering problems.
Windrow disease — that’s the name I give to the striped appearance in fields where alfalfa windrows remained so long that regrowth was delayed. Usually it’s due to rained on hay and sometimes, insects.......Read Article in July 2018 KY Forage News