Seeding can be done using aircraft, cyclone-type seeders, band seeders, cultipacker seeders, and drills with forage box attachments. Each method can be successful when seed is properly distributed and placed uniformly just below the soil surface (1/4 to 1/2 inch) and when the soil is firmed to give good seed-soil contact. Remember, though, if the seed is placed too deeply, it may not emerge. If the seed is placed at unequal depths, the stand will be uneven because of different emergence times. Also, remember that both the seed and the inoculum on legume seed must survive the seeding method. Seed germination and inoculum effectiveness may be lowered when mixed with fertilizer. Some cover over the seed aids inoculum survival and provides better seed-soil contact. Any technique can be successful if it results in uniform distribution of seed at the recommended depth and rate.