DECEMBER 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Bale Grazing Can Spread Nutrients

- Quote of the Month: "Before Anything Else, Preparation is the Key to Success" ~ Alexander Graham Bell

- Novel Tall Fescue Renovation Workshop to be held in Lexington March 9th

- Financial Assistance for Establishing Novel Endophyte Tall Fescue on Pastures

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Coming Up!

- AFGC Tour of New Zealand 2016

- Featured Publication:  Using Dry Lots to Conserve Pastures and Reduce Pollution Potential (ID-171)

- Dallisgrass Makes Rare Impact on KY Horse Farm

- Small Ruminant Grazing Conference


NOVEMBER 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- The New Face of Forage News

- Changes to FSA Acreage Reporting Dates for 2017

- Heart of America Grazing Conference to be held in Quincy, IL January 18-19

- Forage News Quote of the Month: "Wasted Hay Means Wasted Money"

- Overseeding Small Grains into Pastures or Hayfields

- AFGC Annual Meeting - January 22-24, 2017

- Somerset KY Hosts Successful Kentucky Grazing Conference

- Featured Publication:  Taking Soil Test Samples - AGR-16

- Dairy Market Continues to Struggle


OCTOBER 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- KY Grazing Conference Write Up

- Tribute to a Forage Legend:  Warren Thompson

- Frost and Freezes Increase Cyanide Poisoning Risk

- Kentucky Cattlemen Association Presents Forage Specialist Funds at the KFGC Field Day

- Forage News Quote of the Month: "Beware of Emotional Decision" - Russell Hackley

- Fall Nitrogen Boosts Winter Survival and Spring Greenup

- Master Grazer's new Coordinator, Jacob Brandenburg

- Featured Publication:  Calculating Carrying Capacity Using Web Soil Survey, AGR-222


SEPTEMBER 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Dr. Chris Teutsch Accepts Forage Extension Specialist Position in Princeton, KY

- UK and USDA Specialists to speak at KFGC Field Day

- Forage News Quote of the Month: "You Can Observe a Lot Just by Watching"

- 16th Kentucky Grazing Conference Schedule Announced

- Difficulty with Alfalfa Establishment in 2016

- Featured Publication:  Wildlife Benefits of Switchgrass Production in Kentucky (AGR-221)

- Considerations in Selecting a Cool Season Cereal Variety

- KFGC Award Nominations

- KFGC Board Nominations


AUGUST 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Eden Shale Farm to Host KFGC Field Day Sept. 13th

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Highlight:  Grazing Corn

- Forage News Quote of the Month: "Forages, particularly the Grasses, are the most important plants on the face of the earth"

- Sugarcane Aphid Found in Kentucky

- UK Breeder Develops New Tall Fescue Variety

- Featured Publication:  Stockpiling for Fall and Winter Pasture (AGR-162)

- Planting Brassicas and Cereals for Fall Forage

- Choose Varieties Wisely


JULY 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Highlight:  Native Warm-Season Grasses (NWSG):  Naturally Adapted Productive Pastures

- Nitrate Test Kits available - KY County Extension Offices

- Featured Publication:  Forage-Related Disorders in Cattle:  Nitrate Poisoning (UK pub ID-217)

- Forage News Quote of the Month: "Insanity:  Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results"

- Program and registration - KFGC Annual Field Day

- Scott County Field Day Replaces Annual UK Equine Field Day for 2016

- Dairymen and Horse Owners:  Caution with rye straw

- The Forage-Livestock Community Says Goodbye to a Forage Legend:  Russell Hackley

- Webinar on Hi-Gest® Low Lignin Alfalfa

- New Holland Product Support Kits

- Details on AFGC New Zealand Tour Signup


JUNE 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- National Forage Week is June 19-25, 2016

- AFGC New Zealand Tour Itinerary Available Online

- Eden Shale Farm Forage Establishment Field Day - June 16, 2016

- Annual Forage Workers Tour a chance for Forage researchers to collaborate, learn and share

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Highlight:  Reduced or Low Lignin Alfalfa: Advantages for Hay and Grazing

- Toxic Topic:  Johnsongrass Poisoning in Horses

- Featured Publication:  Producer's Guide to Pasture-Based Beef Finishing ID-224

- Forage News Quote of the Month: "Hay Moisture Can Be a Burning Issue"


MAY 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Looking Ahead to Plant Annuals

- 2016 Kentucky Grazing School Planned for May

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Highlight:  Grazing Alfalfa:  Producer Bob Hall Perspective

- Forage News Quote of the Month:  "Cutting Late Increases Hay Weight; Cutting Early Increases Animal Weight"

- Windrow Moisture Testing Made Easy

- Featured Publication:  Understanding Forage Quality

- Forage Trip Planned to New Zealand


APRIL 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Advanced Kentucky Grazing School April 12

- How Does the Value of Poultry Litter Compare to Commercial Fertilizer?

- Forage News Quote of the Month - "Fear of Bloat Costs More than Bloat Itself?

- 70th Southern Pasture and Forage Crop Improvement Conference Registration May 2-4

- Eastern Tent Caterpillar Egg Hatch begins in Central Kentucky

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Highlight:  Putting Some Pop Back in Your Crop:  Alfalfa in Crop Rotations

- Featured Publication:  Stand Establishment and Seeding Year Weed Control Considerations in Alfalfa


MARCH 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Special Forage Seminar:  Keynote Speaker Dr. Joe Bouton

- Annual Ryegrass and Fragipan Soil Remediation Research

- Featured Publication:  Sampling for the Tall Fescue Endophyte in Pasture or Hay Stands (PPA-30)

- Forage News Quote of the Month - "Silage and Hay take Nutrients Away"

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Highlight:  "Lacefield MaxQII" Novel Tall Fescue


FEBRUARY 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- Successful Heart of America Grazing Conference

- Special Forage Seminar to be held March 8th at UK

- Kentucky Represented in American Forage and Grassland Council Awards

- How could Mild Winter Affect Alfalfa Insects?

- Forage News Quote of the Month - "Feeding Seed is a Bad Idea"

- Kentucky Alfalfa Awards Given at Heart of America

- American Forage and Grassland Council Annual Meeting

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Highlight:  The Secret Ingredient of Clover:  Biochanin A and Isoflavonoids

- Featured Publication:  Inoculation of Forage Legumes


JANUARY 2016  (pdf version)

Issue Highlights

- UK Forage Variety Trials for 2015 are Now Available

- Forage News Quote of the Month "Grazing Methods Are Tools"

- County Ag Agents Work Together to Evaluate Silage Corn Performance

- Heart of America Registration Open

- Narrow Window for Frost Seeding Forages

- Featured Publication:  Minimizing Losses in Hay Storage and Feeding

- Estimating Winter Water Needs of Livestock

- Heart of America Grazing Conference Registration Form