Putting the Pieces Together: Extending Grazing-Chris Teutsch

Soil Fertility and Grazing Management as Part of an Integrated Weed Control Program-Chris Teutsch

2018 Kentucky Grazing Conference:
Turning Grass into Ca$h

Measuring Profitability-Kenny Burdine, University of Kentucky

Considerations for Making a Profit with Stockers-Jeff Lehmkuhler, University of Kentucky

Grazing Dairies: Challenges and Opportunities-Howard Straub, III

Turning Grass into CA$H with Small Ruminants-Ken Andries

2012 AFGC Forage Spokesperson from Virginia-John Genho, Eldon Farms

KFGC Forage Spokesperson: Anne Bays

KFGC Forage Spokesperson: Jerry Samples

KFGC Forage Spokesperson-Billy Glenn Turpin

Grass Finished Beef: Melding Production and Marketing-Michael Palmer

Grass Finished Beef: Melding Production and Marketing-Todd Clark, Clark Family Farms

Keys to Optimizing Profitability in Cow-Calf Production-William Slaton

Managing Risk in Grazing Operations-Chris Teutsch and Kenny Burdine, University of Kentucky