Southern Forages, Fifth Edition

Ball, Hoveland and Lacefield

Forage-Livestock Quotes & Concepts
Ball, Lacefield, Allen, Hoveland and Bouton

Forage Crop Pocket Guide
Ball, Hoveland and Lacefield

Forages, Sixth Edition, An Introduction to Grassland Agriculture
Barnes, Nelson, Collins & Moore

Grass and Legume Posters
Ball, Hoveland and Lacefield

The World of Clovers Book & CD Set
Gillett & Taylor, M. Collins Editor
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Tall Fescue for the Twenty-first Century
H.A. Fribourg, D.B. Hannaway, and C.P. West, Editors

Identification and Adaptation of Common Grasses, Legumes and Non-leguminous Forbs of the Eastern United States