Forage Growth and Establishment Videos and Powerpoints

Forage Regrowth Videos and Powerpoints     

1)  How Grass Grows VT Model 1   (PDF)  
2)  UK Orchardgrass Grazing Time Lapse Video   (video)
3)  Orchardgrass Grazing Response Feb. 2009 1   (PDF)
4)  UK Tall Fescue Time Lapse Movie High Resolution   (video)
5)  Tall Fescue Grazing Response Feb. 2009   (PDF)

6)  UK Tall Fescue vs Orchardgrass High Resolution Movie   (video)
7)  UK Tall Fescue and Orchardgrass Grazing Response   (PDF)
8)  UK Forage Seedling Growth Movie High Resolution   (.wmv)
9)  UK Forage Seedling Growth Still Images   (PDF)

Profitability of Spring Hayfield Nitrogen Applications 2012 Guide

Fertilizer Price Calculator

Grazing and Hay Cost Calculator

Economic Value of Poultry Litter Tool: Pasture, Hay, and Silage

Pasture Finishing Worksheet for Beef Cattle (2016)

Cost of Planting Annuals for Grazing

Red Meat and Our Health:  Separating Scientific Fact from Politics, Emotion and Misinformation - YouTube Video by Peter Ballerstedt

Midwest Cover Crop Council

Cyanide (Prussic acid) Field Test using Cyantesmo Paper  

EMD Nitrate Test Strip Instructions  

UK Beef Cow Forage Supplement Tool

Learning Modules for Switchgrass Biomass Production      

1)  Switchgrass for Biomass
2)  Switchgrass Stories
3)  Switchgrass Decision Aid

Switchgrass Budget for Biomass vs Cool Season Hay

Annual Forage Production Decision Tool and Cost Analysis

Organic Forages for Pasture - Estimated Costs of Production:  Supplemental Information for the Excel Tool

Forage Enterprise Budgets   

Visual Reference Guide for Estimating Legume Content in Pastures - West Virginia  

Measuring Legume Content in Pastures Using Digital Photographs - West Virginia  

Value of Fertilizer Nutrients in Hay - Wisconsin

Alfalfa Spring Regrowth Managed VS Unmanaged

Rest Over Winter Improves Pasture Spring Pasture Growth

Rotational Grazing Orchardgrass