DECEMBER 2017 (pdf version)

  • Don't Trip on Triple-19
  • Appropriate All-Weather Surfaces for Livestock
  • Hay Testing - A Wise Investment
  • Determining Land Area/Distance with a Smartphone

NOVEMBER 2017 (pdf version)

  • Don't Let Potash Limit Your Forages
  • Cyanide Poisoning in Ruminants
  • Web Survey
  • Summary of 2017 KY Grazing Conference
  • Fall Pasture Evaluation
  • Is My Alfalfa Safe to Graze?

OCTOBER 2017 (pdf version)

    • What eats Problem Weeds??
    • Many Weeds Can Be Controlled with Fall Spraying
    • Stockpiled Tall Fescue

    SEPTEMBER 2017 (pdf version)

    • Mid-October is Ideal Time to Plant Small Grains
    • Grazing Corn
    • Weeds or Wonders?
    • Successful Establishment of Novel Tall Fescues

    AUGUST 2017 (pdf version)

    • Possible Causes of Yellowing Alfalfa
    • Dung Beetles: Underground Allies
    • Don't Overlook Johnsongrass

    JULY 2017 (pdf version)

    • UK Farm Visit Connects Students to Forages
    • Seeding Late Summer Annuals
    • Plan Ahead for Fall Seeding

    JUNE 2017 (pdf version)

    • KY Forages YouTube Channel
    • Hay Scam Alert
    • Not Too Late to Plant Warm Season Annuals

    MAY 2017 (pdf version)

    • Alfalfa Weevil Damage - The Next Step
    • AFGC Western Hay Tour
    • Potato Leafhoppe Managment in Alfalfa
    • Got Hot Cows? Consider Silvopasture
    • Managing Tall Fescue Seedheads

    APRIL 2017 (pdf version)

    • Dealing with Frost Damaged Alfalfa
    • Managing Spring Grass Growth
    • Utilizing Frosted Small Grains for Forage

    MARCH 2017 (pdf version)

    • Alfalfa and Stored Forages Conference Award Winners
    • Farmer Success with Novel Endophyte Fescue
    • Making High Quality Baleage
    • Don't Leave the Leaves
    • Fertilizing Cool Season Pastures

    FEBRUARY 2017 (pdf version)

    • Dr. Chris Teutsch - New Forage Extension Specialist
    • Benefits of Clovers: Cattle Health and Increased Production
    • Industrial Hemp - Any Potential as Forage?

    JANUARY 2017 (pdf version)

    • 2016 Long-Term Summary of Kentucky Forage Variety Trials
    • Purchase Improved Clovers for Frost Seeding NOW
    • Roundup-Ready Alfalfa Variety Differences
    • Understanding and Improving Fermentation in Alfalfa and Grass Baleage